Talent Data 2.0

We have re-imagined talent data for businesses that want to relook the way they hire and train the workforce.


Talent Data 2.0

First-Person View of Professionals at Work

Shows how professionals operate and apply skills within environments. Leaves no room for speculation, when judging work abilities or identifying skill gaps.

Auto-generated by Artificial Intelligence placed within designated work areas or virtual reality simulations.


Instant Recruiting

Instantly identify the job applicants than can do the job by running a query against the iCruits' Talent Data 2.0 repository. No further evaluations are required.


Hyper Individualized, High Impact Learning 

iCruits' Talent Data 2.0 repository already captures the skill gaps and learning styles of each trainee, at a level of details unavailable in the past.



Higher Education

Colleges can directly observe how the top employees operate at work. The new clarity of business needs helps them deliver a continuous supply of employable graduates.


iCruits is in Private Beta

Join the waitlist to access iCruits' Data-As-A-Service Platform to hire and train the workforce with unprecedented speed and accuracy.



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