Hiring Is Getting Personal

Are AI-powered third-party algorithms future of assessments? Think twice.

A new generation of hiring platform that enables hiring managers to build their own assessment models eliminating the need for third- party algorithms.

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The Future of Work

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Viral Adoption

High Recruiting

Efficiency and Scale

As smart machines take over the predictable tasks, structured assessments become redundant. iCruits' counter-intuitive approach has a promise to become the cornerstone of recruiting in the 21st century.

Powered by 

Behavioral Economics - Deep Learning - Virtual Reality


It's time to empower applicants!

Assessment models are deployed via virtual job tryouts. Any applicant can download smart job tryouts and perform targeted tasks. Successful applicants by-pass the traditional recruiting process and queue for a final interview.

Applicants have the power to self-qualify straight to an interview with the hiring manager.

Applicants have the power to protect themselves against misjudgments by choosing remain anonymous.

Applicants have the power to instantly know the exact reasons for a rejection.


Join our pilot program to ride the new wave of assessments that makes hiring quick, personal and ready for the future.

iCruits is piloting with select early adopters. We look forward to serving our future customers soon. 

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