Talent Data 2.0

Next-generation talent data that takes you directly inside work environments to show how professionals apply skills. .

Watch talent up close. Hire, train, and educate the workforce with speed and precision.

Instant Recruiting

Run a query against the iCruits Talent 2.0 Database to instantly find the hire you need. No further evaluations are required.


High Impact Training

Leverage Talent 2.0 Database to identify the unique learning needs of each trainee and design individualized training programs.

Talent Data 2.0

Autogenerated by Artificial Intelligence

Deploy iCruits' smart machines in designated work areas or use our virtual reality environments and begin capturing Talent Data 2.0!



Higher Education

Share Talent Data 2.0 with colleges to show how your top employees perform. Help them understand business needs better and receive a continuous supply of employable graduates.



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